MFW17: VERSACE FALL 2017 Menswear Collection

Versace; known for its flamboyancy and its impact on the streets of Miami seems to have embraked on a new journey. Is it a new day for Versace or is this seasonal? To my surprise Donatella focused a chunk of her Fall 2017 menswear collection on items we might not have seen or even expected at a Versace show or at least not executed in this particular way. img_9833The first half of this show started out with suiting, topcoats, skinny ties, brogues, and more Versace-fied (if that is even a word,probably not; but you understand) items.This is somewhat of a surprise, especially if you’re in the Industry. These are items one wouldn’t normally turn to Milan’s riskay brand for. Jacquard topcoats that were patterned with check paired with turtlenecks and chains looked both classic and old school. Seems the team overseas brought back a bit of the 80’s & 90’s flare we all know Versace for. Of course, this collection couldn’t be released without Versace being Versace. Garments started changing midway through the collection, and that’s where things started heating up. Reds, patent leather, Buffalo Paid, a hint of camel, and shades of grey all found their way onto the runway. With this collection I think Versace proved it can compete with menswear brands primarily known for their suiting and tailoring. Does that mean those brands should be in a state of panic? At this point, I would say no. Let’s see what Versace does for Spring 18 & Fall 18, and if the direction has shifted after three seasons, then it may be time to spice it up, before Donatella swoops in and steals your customer.