MFW17: NEIL BARRETT Fall 2017 Menswear Collection

img_9877I often envy people who call London home or who can call London Home. All I want is an English accent. Perhaps I should’ve looked into colleges overseas?! Neil Barrett who attended Central Saint Martins in London should know how blessed he is. Today he presented a collection in Milan that was a direct representation of him back in the 80’s when he was in school in London. Mentioning that he had a uniform (something I’ve been working on, but can’t seen to just let all my other clothing go to waste) which inspired garments in this collection. What will stand out to you from this show is the missing sweatshirts that are somewhat of a staple for Neil. Change is a good thing right? I guess that all depends on the person or better yet his customers. I know I can always count on Mr.Barrett for a very clean lined collection. Everything just always looks so perfect. What type of precision, and where can I find it?

When scanning the collection you’ll find yourself stumbling upon what looks like a mix of an long-line coat that has been cut off in the front. This carried throughout the entire collection from the menswear to the womenswear. Yup! His show featured women as well “trending“. I can’t attest to having a third of a garment, but I do appreciate it. To be worn on days when the weather is above 40 degrees. Pay close attention to some of the footwear you will come across. I need the black shoe with the yellow stripe. Who thought of that? Genius. You’ll find yourself appreciating the simple layering, and trousers that are made to look like joggers (pinstripe suit *you’ll see it*)