Baldinini’s Spring/Summer Options for Men’s

IMG_5321If you’re like me you often found yourself still dressed in a number of layers during the summer. It’s not on purpose. It’s just a routine. Tank-top, undershirt, shirt you’re wearing, perhaps a blazer, and that’s just the top half. I truly cannot help myself when it comes to what makes me comfortable. That is until the heat starts to break me.

However you most likely won’t catch me around the city in any sandals of anything more than 20 feet away from my apartment. If this was Florida things would be different. With that being said there’s two sides to Rashad, and I’m assuming there’s two sides to everyone. Which is why I picked two different shoe options from Baldinini’s Spring collection. One for Work, and prancing around the city or wherever else you may find me in the world, and the other half when I’m at the Bodega on a disgustingly hot summer day!IMG_5317

My appreciation for sandals have actually grown tremendously since I’ve been in New York, and I think that’s based on knowledge, and all of the options and cool brands that I find myself coming across. You’re probably like “aren’t you from Florida, wasn’t that apart of your everyday life” simply put; No! Not everyone lives on the beach or even within walking distance of a beach. I decide to show the sandal first, because that really caught my eye. The detail, and the color combo is really gearing me up to be a different man this summer. The lace up shoe is just perfect, and I need it in my life. I’ve said this before, and if you’ve been paying attention you’d know that I’m obsessed with color shoes, and white soles! So let’s meet up on Coney Island in month or so. Sandals or slip-ons, no lace ups my friend even I’m not that idiotic.