M.R.K.T aka Mad Rabbit Kicking Tiger Collaborates with Jeff Staple

IMG_3509.JPGM.R.K.T. also known by their full name Mad Rabbit Kicking Tiger is a Los Angeles-based accessories brand that was established in 2010 by a Harvard-trained architect named, Tom Pen. Tom said “Our designs are inspired by modern architectural concepts of clean and pure form. Structure, function and material innovation are our guides as we push the boundaries of design in every bag we create.”IMG_3506.JPG

I became hip to this brand during my GQ Magazine days as one of my editors at the time had pulled this brand in. I instantly became a fan of this brand, and found myself fascinated by the structure and feel of one of the backpacks that was on the island in the closet. Months later when I found myself working for another magazine aka Vogue is when I made my first purchase. I was in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at one of my favorite menswear stores that goes by the name of I.D, and I came across what I thought was a portfolio, and I instantly know it was Mad Rabbit Kicking Tiger; you know the fabric when you see it, and I immediately purchased it, before anyone else could. Later I found out via the online website, that I had actually purchased a laptop sleeve. I can admit I totally didn’t care, and I care this “portfolio” religiously.
Enough of my story, today I want to present you with a few options from the brand. Creative, Jeff Staple teamed up with LA-based accessories brand, M.R.K.T. for a fresh take on the classic briefcase. “Rendered in a high-end industrial felt with microsuede accents, sturdy hardware and a swath of Staple Pigeon Pink, the M.R.K.T. x Staple Pigeon Briefcase fuses the design concepts of both brands to showcase functionality, structure and maximum versatility.” Shop the M.R.K.T x Staple Pigeon collaboration here.