Lets Talk About Reading: Morning, Noon, & Night

IMG_3555There are 3 three types of people in this world. Those who adore reading, those who detest it, and those who do it for class. I’ve come to the conclusion, that people tend to enjoy the reading more once they’re out of school. Perhaps you start reading about things you love. Sherlock Holmes, Nascar, History? Not the most interesting topics to the average american; however I’ve always had an admiration for Sherlock Holmes because of his intelligence, and equally notable his style. Perhaps had I read books on Sherlock Holmes, and my early years in College, I would’ve passed my Logic class with no hurdles. I know now all about deductive reasoning. Go Figure!

Enough of my life. I’ve recently come across a blue book, in color; not emotion. A book created by the same individuals who created “Soho House”, yes that one.. The seriously chic and private members only club in the cities people dream of living in. A book to add to your coffee table “if you have one”, if not add it to your shelf or nightstand. This book takes you through an entire day of a retired persons life. Lets talk about vintage hunting, making the perfect cocktail, you know “A way of Living”. Add this book to your life for $45.

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