SPIKE LEE Partners with LIDS on Headwear Culture in America (VIDEO)

LIDS Sports Group and American film director Spike Lee came together to present & educated viewers with a high-energy video that gives those mentioned before an inside look at today’s diverse headwear culture and how LIDS caters to consumers across the fan-to-fashion spectrum. The documentary-style video stars the one & only Spike Lee and civilians out in public. It takes viewers on a colorful and passionate journey to learn the stories and styles behind hat fanatics while also sharing how LIDS provides shoppers with the most-desired fashion-forward products. Not only does the video present us with history lessons, but it also gives real live interaction, something that is almost hard to come back in the world of reality not being so REAL.

For many like me, hats make a personal statement and communicate what you represent, who you are, how you live and what you love to the world,” said Lee. “As an avid hat wearer, it was my team’s goal to bring the conversation of today’s diverse headwear culture to light by accentuating the underlying reasons why cap lovers, sports and others wear and invest in headwear.”

Starting in the city that matters the most in the US; New York City to be exact. Spike embarked on a quest toward the headwear mecca of Indianapolis or “Captown USA” – the hometown of LIDS’ national headquarters. Throughout his journey, Lee visits various LIDS locations in Times Square where he chats with store patrons on the many facets, fashions and meanings of why and how we wear our headwear. During this 3 minute & 15 second video, Lee highlights how LIDS has remained at the center of today’s headwear culture. The video captures the magical process LIDS undergoes daily to provide the latest and greatest products to consumers as fast as possible. Additionally, it showcases the brand’s unique services that benefit passionate sport fans and fashion-focused shoppers.

Personally speaking, LIDS has been apart of my life since my adolescent years, at least to my remembrance. I recall walking through the mall back in Florida and just seeing this store full of hats. I wasn’t a huge hat person up until high school, which is when I stopped walking past the store, and started walking in. I think what excited me the most about LIDS was the ability to customize your own hat in the store with embroidery. It’s also quite ironic that I’ve been working on a hat in my head to get customized by LIDS, and then Spike pops up with even more influence on why I should get this hat made sooner rather than later. Visit LIDS today!