MFW17: MP MASSIMO PIOMBO Fall 2017 Menswear Collection


Barely a solid in sight at MP Massimo Piombo’s Fall 2017 Menswear Presentation. I always appreciate when brands stick to the season. It gives me great pleasure to see a Fall collection with Fall colors. Don’t misjudge my words, I appreciate any type of menswear and you can never go wrong with greys and black; however I’m a pretty seasonal dresser when it comes to color and clothing (not always, but more often than not). At MP’s presentation the clothing represented much more than just coloring. Close ups on the clothing provide you with much more appreciation for what was created for collection. The different materials used along with the tedious job of creating the perfect pattern.

In quote Massimo Piombo said “Our mission is exactly this: to try to create and to breed a new fashion,“. While viewing the collection online I started to see Russian influence. Russian-like items such as astrakhan-lined outerwear, fur hats, etc. Not only were the models wearing these elements but they were styled as a one would picture a Russian citizen and/or an off-duty military civilian. The collection also had a few youthful elements to it. Such as the vibrancy that appeared within the sweaters such as sky blue and yellow, and a spicy red fur coat towards the end. What was key to this collection were the rustic garments that played a tremendous part in the coloring with all the rustic coloring, browns and mixing of patterns this collection packed a tight punch.