mcxmas16johnelliott You read right! John Elliott denim, perhaps you knew already or perhaps you didn’t either way it goes, it’s says a lot about this cool kid label. So you’re sitting there wondering why you need John Elliott denim? What’s makes his denim so amazing that it needed to be added to a Christmas gift guide. Well there’s more to the story than it just being denim. This marks an achievement for a brand that’s based off of sweats, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and hoodies. As you see this brand is becoming more & more of a lifestyle brand as it grows. John Elliott whom I met before when I worked for GQ is a very cool guy, and I’ve attended his NYFW shows before, and it’s one of those shows that commands all the big leagues in the Fashion Industry. If you know this brand you know how well-made the clothing is. I’m not exaggerating at all his clothing is very premium, and one can feel that the second the touch a John Elliott garment. No need to drag this on, John Elliott Denim for the young man in the family who loves Fashion. Shop it here