Colognes You Should Be Wearing This Fall

It’s pass time to put away all of your light spring/summer scents and pull out the heavy musk gems. I thought I’d round-up some smell goods I think (I know) you need to spend your money on. This list is made for the man who knows what a good scent will do for his life. Take that how you want, but trust me these will greatly improve it in one shape or another. img_5397I’d like to think I’m known for knowing a thing or two about a good fragrance and here’s what’s out now for you to try out. Disclaimer; everything doesn’t smell the same on everyone so it’s always helpful to get a sample before you dive in, especially on the higher priced fragrances. Lets start with Acqua Di Parma, and their newest fragrance Colonia Quercia; an elegant full-bodied fragrance inspired by the unique combination of the citrus notes of Colonia and the ones of the Oak Moss. When I think Oak I think large and heavy aka musk scents.img_6939 Colonia Quercia retails for $228 so feel free to assume that this is a luxury. Spray lightly! Tobacco Vanilla happens to be my current favorite fragrance by the oh so suave Tom Ford. One of the more expensive fragrances you’ll find on this list obviously. This particularly fragrance isn’t as common as Black Orchid, so that makes it a bit more special because it’s a bit higher in price which makes it a bit more exclusive. It takes a certain kind of man to spend $225 plus dollars on a bottle of cologne. Lets slow things down a bit, and bring it back down to Earth. Cologne isn’t just for when you’re getting dressed to go out in the world. I spray on cologne throughout the day, and even when I’m getting out of the shower. It’s something very special about spraying on a smell good when getting ready for bed. Not only do you smell good, but so does your sheets and pillows. Your bed is literally soaking up all the notes. Clean Perfume freshens up everything, and this Black Leather fragrance warms you up rather than cools you off. It also retails at a reasonable $84.00 Armani Code also happens to be one of my favorite fragrances. I’ve been purchasing this fragrance since my senior year in high school in 2009, (not the one picture but the black bottle). It’s now 2016 almost 2017 so let that sink in on my loyalty. Armani Code’s Profumo scent reaches a new level of incandescence and retails for $90.00. Ending this list with something intense, no pun-intended. Dolce & Gabbana’s Intenso fragrance is exactly what the name says “intense”, but not overbearing in case you were wondering, and the price isn’t as intense as you would think either coming in at $70.00. Now that these fragrances have been approved by MaleCritique you should definitely think about purchasing these. If you’re not totally sold just yet. Head over to your local Sephora and try them out. If you believe in me, click on the images above and order now. Thank me Later!