5 Green Items To Add to Your Wardrobe

img_5427The kind of green that makes you think Military. Not those bright greens; of course you already knew that, it is Autumn right? This list was complied, because Green is often a color that seems to be overlooked until you need it. You don’t hear many people running into the stores specifically looking for “a green shirt or pant” it’s typically blue, black, white, and sometimes even red or brown, but not green. In this list you’ll find pratical items and not just in terms of being wearable, but also in price. Two of them aren’t typically the cheapest, but I’m catering to all levels of income. Kicking things off with a brand we’re all familiar with, better known as LEVI’S however this time it’s LEVI’S VINTAGE (in my opinion the cooler part of the LEVI’s brand). LEVI’s VINTAGE also comes in at a higher price point as oppose to just LEVI’s; with that being said, it’s not unaffordable so you don’t have to worry about being priced out, but you can’t be a frugal king. It seems to be a general census from the public about people paying a lot of money for already distressed and destroyed clothing. Get over it Martha, this isn’t 1960, and this is in style now, and it actually looks pretty cool.

Sure, you may not exactly need this particular coat to your left at the moment, as the weather hasn’t dropped that far yet; however it definitely pays to be proactive, and who doesn’t like preparing their winter wardrobe? This happens to be one of the two more pricey items on the list, but I’m certain you already knew that by the look and size of the coat. This here is what we call BALENCIAGA, and if you know that name you know it’s priced at a luxury price point. Next up is BALENCAGA’s even pricier cousin Balmain, this just comes in at about $250 than the previous, and it’s a small jacket. Balmain is a complete different house of fashion; their extreme prices are what makes them attractive to consumers, because it’s what most people can’t have, and we all want what we can have. I would say the color of this jacket makes it my favorite item on the list. What I would call Forest Green. A brand just as legendary as LEVI’s, Converse has found its way on this list. A shoe that pretty much speaks for itself, we know the brand history, we know it’s been around for ages, and we know everyone recognizes them instantly. Also the most affordable item on this list retailing for only $85. Finishing things up with a more contemporary brand by the name of SANDRO. True enough the average person outside of fashion, and New York may not exactly know this brand, but that is what this site is for. To put you on or to sound politically correct; to educate you. Same story, different item as the distress issue presses on. This happens to be the second cheapest item on this list coming in at under $200.