8 Menswear Books You Should Purchase to Improve Your Knowledge

Reading is fundamental right? That’s what they say right? Kidding! Clearing one needs to read in order to learn, and of course in today’s era you can watch a movie or documentary, but there’s nothing quite like finding yourself immersed in a great book especially when it’s something you love. So if you’re as interested in menswear as I am then you will find yourself wanting every one of these books. I’ve read all of them except one. I should probably be ordering it right now to be honest. I’m sure you wondering what’s the difference in these books? It’s just menswear right? How much can one say that the other can’t. Well, here’s the truth. A lot of menswear books sort of repeat some of the same information, but different books focus heavily on different topics so what you may read in one book about a certain coat or era could be a paragraph or a page long. Whereas in another book, there could be an entire section or chapter on how coats impacted the war in the 1920’s. Other books offer extremely witty, and brilliant commentary on menswear. A prime example would be the 4th book pictured to your right (Fuck Yeah Menswear), this book will definitely engage a younger reader, and someone not dried up or a prune. It’s a complete work of comical art; shout out to the writers of this book. I think it’s admirable when someone can instantly drop knowledge on a subject they claim or are known to be well versed in. I’m sure it sucks to have someone school you on a subject you think you know it all about; you know besides a teacher. I often find myself having word vomit moments when someone brings up menswear. Sure I listen, and if it’s something I’m being taught amazing, but I’m a critic when it comes to this industry so I’m sensitive about how people speak on said subject. Another brilliant book is the Menswear Dog book. I’m not sure they’ll be another dog who can dress better than I. He’s always in the finest of items. Are these men’s clothing custom-made for this handsome dog? A question that needs an answer. 100 years of Menswear? Is that really how long it’s been since men first started wearing clothing? Kidding, that’s clearly a joke. I think this was the first menswear book I purchased, and I recommended all of your menswear fanatics to do the same. You’ll end up reading this book in at least a week.