Aimé Leon Dore Revisits the 90’s with his Newest Windbreakers


Jackets that represent the true meaning of “In Living Color”. The vibrancy of these jackets are so true to what people wore in the 1990’s. Everything was bright, colored blocked, and mix within. What are we today? In my opinion all over the place. I first came across this brand back in perhaps 2014 it was. I was invited out to a pop-up shop, and this instantly became of my favorite brands. Staying on the topic at hand. Aime Leon Dore has several jackets that remind you of the 90’s if you were around then. If you weren’t; well here’s a modern version of the jackets people wore back then.

There’s not too much to say about these jackets. They’re speaking for themselves by being this dope. I won’t sit here, and play like these old school vibes come cheap however that just means not everyone will be as cool as you. Shop for the coolest jackets of the season. Thank you Aimé Leon Dore