Five Coats You Need This Season

Fall has arrived (depending on where you live), but I’m in the North East so fall has arrived, and with this season comes an offering of superb over & top coats for us to purchase. I’ve sniffed through one of my favorite menswear sites to provide you with pickings by Rashad. I always shoot for the best and when you’re picking the “best” they become entitled to high prices.img_6283 I’m always in need of a new coat, especially during the seasons in which one would need them. Sure I have a good seven or eight coats in my miniature closet that the city provides, but one can never have too many clothes. As much as I wear black I try my best to stay clear of plain black coats. I don’t think you need my help nor Advice or how to pick the perfect black coat. Or maybe you do? Next topic? I just might! Starting with the coat above. First off, its by ACNE STUDIOS, and I fell in love with the coloring, and fabric of the coat. This is the type of coat that will still have a cool factor to it 50 years from now. Aren’t we all searching for clothes that last a lifetime, and not just a season. Last Fall J.W Anderson released the very same coat to our left in a different color palette, and I fell in love with it then. img_5130A guy I know bought the coat, and I handed all praise to him; he definitely won with that coat. This season in a darker color way this coat has captivated me again. More winter than fall, but in New York some days you can’t really tell the difference between the two. A designer who stole my heart two seasons ago was Raf Simons, with his array of extremely oversized runway shows. I instantly fell in love with all of the impracticalness (if that is even a word) of his clothing. Sure it may be hard to work in the sweaters, but at least you can take coats off and function. The coat to your left is by said designer, and incase you missed it, his name is Raf Simons. Who doesn’t love oversized these days? Keeping things funky the coat you find above to your left is by ETRO. Definitely a coat looking to make a bold statement. Is plaid always a bold statement? Is there such a thing as low-key plaid? Interesting question I must admit myself. To your right you’ll find a black coat with gold buttons? I could’ve been more enthusiastic about that right? Truth be told, I adore this coat. The cut, and the buttons make this more than just your ordinary black coat, and not to mentions it’s Balmain!