Dope n’ Fall: Day 2

IMG_3377 One day many many years from now, I’ll look at this photo and say I took that while living in Harlem back in 2015.. it’s now 2065. Whoa! I just added 50 plus years to my life right there.

Picture it! There I was playing in the streets of Harlem, a much different street than it was 20 years ago. Something hit me right after I thought of, and typed that. It was instant nostalgia. Not that I know anything of Harlem 20 years ago. I wasn’t even born yet, not even close to being born either. Thank god for google. Here I am at this very instant googling photos of Harlem in 1985. Give it a shot! This inspired me honestly. Inspired me to go a different route. A very black & white route, with a hint of color every now, and then. A change of scenery for you & I. Here’s the difference between work and play.IMG_3378 While at work, people grew attached to this very version of the same top I last wore. Probably because they could actually see the wording in this version without looking too hard. People inquired whether or not I made it, was it one piece or separates. Once I admitted that it actually came this way; their eyes lit up. “Damn that is a dope shirt” one said. In the streets it was a bit more vulgar than that, but still a compliment “Yo My N$%#A, that shirt HARD as F#$K“.. told you it got Vulgar out here. Being that I write in my spare time, everything that is said to me or said around me I document. I wasn’t always this way, but I was always this DOPE. Ask around! This look still featured everything DOPE. The Cargo Trousers are now one of my favorite. The patchwork on them is ill. Look at me, using slang! It’s a new day huh? I’m actually obsessed with this brand if you can’t tell. Also if you can’t tell. What in the hell have you been paying attention to? I’m curious! Crown me a self-titled Brand Ambassador. Self-titled, because the brand never said I was such, but in the back of my head! Click-through for an updated version of Harlem in the 80’s.Shop DOPE Here