New York Men’s Fashion Week: Parke & Ronen Spring 2016 Menswear Collection

IMG_8057Parke & Ronen left little to the imagination. They also made you want to head directly to the gym after their show! Featuring a line of up swim wear that just made you instantly want to fly down to Miami to show off you new swimming trunks. Are these really made for the public or are they made for private beaches and personal pools? It’s hard to be professional at such a show where all you want to do is critique yourself and stare at a models body and envy! Goes a little something like “ugh look at his body“, “why don’t I look like that I need to lose weight“, “I’d get way more play if my body looked that way and I walked around in little shorts“.IMG_8056 You know what takes a lot of effort? Being a fashion brand that caters to swimwear. How do you persuade the customer that your swim trunks are better than the next guys? It’s not like you have a ton of fabrics to play with. You can’t convince the customer that your cashmere is a higher grade than the other competitors cashmere sweater. What’s a design team to do? You have to sell your product as best a possible, and everything can’t be super short because the average guy isn’t looking for that, but is the average guy also looking for a luxury pair of swimming trunks!? Tis is the question one must ask himself. Parke & Ronen knew what to do. What was it exactly? Styling! Yes Styling! The styling has to be on point you must sell a look, you want the guy to feel like those swim trunks can be just a fashionable as that cashmere sweater. We live in a new era and that era consist of money and fashion hungry 20 something’s, adolescents and kids who know what fashion is because it’s being fed to us like breast milk once was! Which is constantly and daily! My favorite pieces from this collection were the red and white stripe shorts, and the polo with the corresponding swim trunks. Which is a much need look for walking down Collins, yes on ocean drive!