New York Men’s Fashion Week: Michael Bastian’s Spring 2016 Menswear Collection

FullSizeRenderSticking to the season, Michael presented the audience with a more than fitting wardrobe.. From rugby polos, to cut off distressed denim jeans, and sweat shorts. He kept everything practical for a season that sometimes brings more agony than it does smiles. Well you know because it’s either terribly hot, disgusting rainy, or totally perfect either way it goes Mother Nature’s period is always on during the spring & summer seasons. You know what always confuses me? Are you hot or cold? Sometimes the upper half of ones body is so layered that you assume it’s quite chilly outside, but then you get to the bottom half of the body and your eyes witness what appears to be skin showing. Well you’re eyes aren’t deceiving you my friend. I’ve always pondered at the sight of such decisions, but who I am?IMG_7372 I have to skip over everything and get to my favorite look of this entire collection. The white blazer with the distressed denim jean shorts, and those perfect shoes he had on! This was such a refreshing look along with the perfect look for the Hampton’s this summer, you know for those guys who get to make it out there and actually partake in what that part of Long Island has to offer. Is it me or did this collection not remind you of college athletes? Especially football players! I can distinctively remember guys from my college football team coming in to class like this, and this was as good as it got honestly. More often than not they were just in a t-shirt, and basketball shorts. Not sure why it was so hard for them to wake up and actually put on some suitable attire for class, but I digress. I really want you all to pay attention to the shoes. Please take a closer look at the amazing craftsmanship!