Time For Father’s Day

IMG_4261Tick, Tock! Father’s Day is approaching, and just in case you’re a lousy child Father’s Day is on June 21st, so now you know and have no excuse not to plan ahead you have 12 days left! How many people walk around without anything on their wrist? Okay let me get more specific, how many men walk around without anything on their wrist? I’m like attached to having some type of accessory on when I leave the house. I just feel so without when I accidentally leave without putting anything on. I have it so bad, that I hate it when I’m just walking to the store down the block without something on. Imagine how I feel when I have to endure an entire work day without anything. I know it’s hard to shop for Dad’s but most men love watches, and we’re pretty simple but you don’t want to be too simple or you could’ve just acted as if you forgot! Can’t do that? Can’t afford a gift? Well child, Rashad as in “I” is here to save the day. I’ve teamed up with Timex to send two lucky fathers a cool accessory. Above are the two watches that are up for grabs, and what’s better than getting off work early? Getting off work early and coming home to a gift, a gift you didn’t have to shell out a dime for. Now I have a couple of watches, and I alternate those between outfits and color combination. I’m in the mist of saving up for something extremely luxe! Here I am getting off topic! This contest is pretty simple, all I need you to do is comment using the letter “I” signifying that you would like a chance at it, and I will draw from the names from here, Facebook, and Instagram, and the winners will be contacted soon! Good Luck, and in the mean time just out other Timex options here http://www.timex.com