Do you know Oliver Peoples?

Years ago, I was watching a television show, and one of the cast members mentioned that her glasses were Oliver People’s. Obviously I am an inquisitive person so the mention of that name led to an immediate Google search. Oliver Peoples was founded in 1987 by Ken Schwartz and Larry Leight. From the beginning, Oliver Peoples has strived to be the most prestigious and culturally distinctive eyewear brand in the world. What might interest many of you is that the brand itself has never relied on a logo but instead on fostering relationships with like-minded consumers who appreciate and respect our approach, which goes to show you how when you know your value, and your customer you don’t need advertisement on your merchandise. IMG_0922What I love most about Oliver People’s is the sophistication this particular brand carries. By peaking at the website, look book, shoots, and the projects that this brand has decided to focus on; it’s a given that the customer is of a certain level of class. Perhaps that’s just my interpretation of the brand, but I’m sure it’s not a bad one. As I scrolled through the website I came across so many intriguing glasses and shapes, I think what most impressed me is the names the different glasses carried. They were extremely prestigious, and that definitely caters to my taste level. Upon my journey of learning more about Oliver, goggle also showed me just how popular, and how many times I’ve seen these glasses and didn’t know that this whole time the celebrity world loves this brand. Yes, your favorite actor, rapper, singer, and so on have been seen in this brand.