MaleCritique’s 12 Days of Christmas * Day 12 | Stubbs & Wootton SNOB Slipper

I went back & forth, and back & forth over what would be the gift for the 12th day of MaleCritique’s Christmas. I presented myself with so many options I went from Burberry, Alexander Wang, & Gucci! All offered wonderful picks, but for less than $1000? Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 10.59.11 PMI don’t think so; then I had an epiphany. Shoes, but not just any shoes! Stubbs & Woottons! Yes I know they were on the list last year, but some things I just cannot pass up on. However I could just present you with just any slipper I needed something witty, a conversational piece worth remembering and not just complimenting. I need something bad, real bad ass and then I saw these! They spoke to me like the Grinch’s horrible idea spoke to him while he was trying to ruin Christmas! SNOB Slippers, oh these will make them run a muck won’t they! My holidays aren’t what they use to be, my life isn’t what it use to be so I dream, I day dream, I dream at night. A vast imagination I have, to say the least. Now! I shouldn’t have to convince you why you need these for Christmas, although the color of these shoes definitely helps. So are you naughty or nice? Merry Christmas from the Scrooge himself! Shop Stubbs & Woottons here !