The Unreleased Sneakers from Android Homme

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 6.05.37 AMWith the turn of 2008, came a designer by the name of Javier Laval, maybe you don’t know the name personally; however you may be familiar with the name Android Homme! Ahhh, you say? Yes Javier Laval has been redefining high-end footwear for almost seven years now. IMG_9769Well it won’t just be Android Homme’s seventh year, this year represents a complete relaunch of the brand, and with this relaunch will come 3 styles for their spring/summer 2015 collection. Designed on the other side of America, you know that place they call Los Angeles, now that’s the design perhaps drawn on a piece of paper, but the shoes were hand-crafted in Italy, but where else do designers go for validation of a beautiful made show? IMG_9766The colors you see before you are the three colors that will be made available, and yes that is snake-skin “python” to be specific. There is no discrimination taking place here, so yes these sneakers will be available for men, and women. Yes, ladies another thing you can take from us, and make it your own. How do you feel? Happy? I know I love high top sneakers, but is that a play on my ego since I’m not the tallest of the bunch. Okay I’m not that shallow so no it has nothing to do with my height; it has more to do with how it makes my denim look when worn with a mid or high-top sneaker. Javier’s newest sneakers will be releasing in February 2015, with a price range of $440-$590. If you more than smart than I’m sure you can decipher which price will pertain to which show.