MaleCritique’s 12 Day’s of Christmas * Day 6 | Lanvin Accessories

MaleCritiqueLanvinYou know lately I’ve been getting loads of compliments on my accessories not realizing that I do indeed have a nice stash. In all honesty I never pay much attention to it though. I’ve been saying lately that it’s all about the small details and Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 12.41.55 PMLanvin is a top contender in supplying men with uber luxe and uber small details. Lanvin was featured on last years countdown, and I just had to feature them again, and make it clear how imperative this is. Not just flower Lapels this year although they are here. This season we have collar pins as well as tie pins, that add the right amount of luxury to your garment. Accessorizing is really all about dressing up your look. For instance, a woman could have the right look, but the wrong accessories and that could do more damage than you realize. The same goes for men, although you have to really be trying to mess up your look if you’re a guy, because our accessories can be very simple. At times all you need is a watch or, tie clip. It’s when guys start to layer jewelry is when things become difficult or a problem.Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 12.49.47 PM 2 As a male you have to be very strategic at how you layer your jewelry. I’m into accessories but I change them everyday based on what I’m wearing and/or the color I’m wearing. Most of my jewelry is pretty neutral either black, silver, or gold. There’s been days when I’ve worn my watch, a bangle, and a cuff together; that’s with a certain look though. It doesn’t go with everything. You have to be able to be honest with yourself whether it’s your favorite or not, and say you know this doesn’t go or this is over doing it, especially if you want to keep this whole masculinity thing alive. You may say, but rappers throw on five or six gold chains. Yes they do, and they get critiqued on that as well. It’s all about balance, and in life everything requires a balance, and more often than not when we go overboard on something it doesn’t turn out as nice as we hoped it would. Shop Lanvin Accessories here and/or here