J.Crew’s Spring 2015 Menswear Collection

J_Crew_13_1366It’s like every collection I’ve come across thus far I can relate it back to a show that was or is still on television. How about J.Crew for Gilligan’s Island? Frank said his inspiration came from the idea of a Mediterranean fishing village. How could I not relate that back to Gilligan’s Island? With the implementation of the bucket hats that comparison had to be made, it’s almost impossible not to. Fishing Village = island? Maybe? We all love J.Crew for that preppy, Ivy League look it provides, and for all the collaborations they partake in. Is J.Crew another classic you know like Ralph Lauren? This collection was built around imperfections something I could live without. I get it though, it’s all about not being too perfect or too put together, but giving off the illusion that you actually did pay attention to what you were putting on.J_Crew_20_1366 Improperly tied coats around the waist, and off the shoulder blazers that are almost off the entire body. I need not continue, you can point out the purposely made mistakes on the models easily, but they didn’t translate that throughout the entire collection. Look 8 was nothing but perfect. I love J.Crew for their effortless cool looks they provide. It’s the GQ guy on his day off, not so much suit & tie, but still classy enough to enter the five-star restaurant, and remain in his comfort zone. If you need a suit however there’s an option for that too. I think it’s safe to assume that this collection also said don’t take yourself too seriously, and just enjoy life. Let me just say these would make some very stylish fishing looks “boots” not included. This collection featured 24 looks of those poster guys you see in lower Manhattan. The guys you want to know who they’re dating, and double taking at how cool they look. Yup, they usually come with a beard, but is J.Crew for the bearded? Or the ultra clean-cut guy?