Backstage with Gerard Caruso

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How do I start this off? Oh I know!

Here’s a little story that must be told. During Fashion week I was contacted by a lady named Casey inviting me out to interview Stylist and Creative Director of Rusk Haircare Gerard Caruso. In the mist of a very chaotic Fashion Week, seriously I couldn’t even remember what number show I was on, there I were waking up at 7am putting together my look, taking care of all my hygiene needs, making sure all my technology was charged, we all know that struggle, and not getting dressed until ten minutes before my provided car service arrived. A blessing that was having a car service definitely a highlight of my week so I didn’t have to worry about the MTA stopping in the middle of the tunnel nor that walk out to Pier 59 since they’re aren’t any trains out there “Do Better New York City“. I had several questions lined up for Gerard, which were:

What was your inspiration for the collection.

What was your inspiration for your hair/ beauty look ?

What stood out to you abt the collection?

Hair or beauty trends for next season?

What don’t you leave the house without?

Different products for different ethnicities ?

The whole interview was documented for you all, went perfectly with an exception of a few models cutting through “The nerve of them” I met a fair amount of different people before and after this interview! It’s such a great feeling to work around people who love what they’re doing. Made a new friend or two while I was there! Gents listen up! Gerard & I were in talks of some men products so you guys stay tuned for that!

I want to thank Casey for offering this opportunity to MaleCritique. An experience I will never forget.