A Preview of VINCE

IMG_6761The boys of MaleCritique attended Vince Menswear Spring 2015 Preview and we’re here to present you with the goodies. Disclaimer I became attached to a certain pair of sneakers. You may remember that earlier this year I attended Vince’s Fall 2014 menswear preview; this time around they’ve expanded their show line and it’s full-grown now with a variety of different styles, and the ever so popular sandal that has taken over. The shoes really won this time, of course there were garments that deserved to be presented as well especially the two piece jump suit! Love the Camo in blue it actually goes with a couple of pair of the sneakers presented. Vince is seemingly proving to be quite a brand. I can honestly say I can always pick a few favorites from their lines! It’s always a couple of things that I attach myself to, and find myself saying how much I need it in my life. There was one sweatshirt that sort of reminded me of the ocean with the layers going from light to dark or in this case dark to light, and next to it was this tan suede jacket that is a big must have, it’s actually gorgeous you need to see that in person! You know it’s a lot of people who suffer everyday to be beautiful or best dressed in the office, class,etc. I get it some of the most beautiful and/or amazing items don’t come with a sense of comfort we all know that, but VINCE offers you essentials that you want to wear everyday, style and comfort? Oxymoron? Is this what the fashion industry coming to? Perhaps, no definite answer there. For Style & Comfort Shop here http://www.vince.com IMG_6760 Here’s that camo I mentioned earlier. Such a good look right, with the right pair of sneakers everyone will want to know where you got it from. I said preview so I won’t just tease you all with two photos. Pay attention to the slide show for the rest of the items we deemed to be needed from this collection.

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