Men’s Fashion Week; Andrea Pompilio

APP Shades of Blue, Hues of Yellow, Tints of Brown. Bringing everything together as the layers start to merge. Punk was the inspiration, and I know you’re thinking I don’t see any Mohawks, leather jackets, crazy boots, so on and so forth right? Well this is a different breed of punk that Andrea is introducing you to, the well civilized punk ever heard of them?

For starters the pleated shirts that seemed to be elongated, and left untucked with the reminiscent look of a kilt. The shirts that took distressed to a whole different level with the holes throughout, but seemed to be just right for some reason. What I love most about all of the top looks is how well everything flows. The coloring was picked perfect, and the Jean set it all off.AP3 Throughout the collection you start to see this horizontal line on a number of the pieces presented, and I couldn’t help but think to myself is this an illusion of a strap of some sort? Where’d the burst of red in this collection stem from? I’m not really sure. You know Red is seen as a color of danger, when you see a red light you stop, you get nervous. In my mind the red went back to the punkness “If that is even a word” and the danger or the what people felt danger was when a certain group of people emerged. AP2 Bringing it back full circle, with the blue, yellows, and browns the collection definitely satisfies the colors of spring, and what Spring is meant to look like. This collection reminds me of the month of April. When I think April I think the color blue with clear skies, and sunny days!