Men’s Fashion Week; Dear Joseph

Dear Joseph,

My name is Rashad, and I’m writing you to say thank you; well THANK YOU!

The Second season of menswear from this brand, and I like what I’m seeing here! I love the minimalistic look you gave with a few burst of color. Subtle green in there as well. Hey Orange. Wait let me back up! Let’s address my line up! Love the Off White Knit Look or is that all white, or are my eyes are just getting bad? Moving on my favorite part of this first three looks have to be the Sandals paired with the Socks! This is a trend “oh how I loathe that word” ==> TREND = LOATHE. Moving on this is a trend that is definitely making it ways down from the Fashion Elite to the Kids at the local Mall. Joseph2 There’s that burst of color.. Someone call up Tropicana, and get these ads going or is this too much for them? I’d like to think I’m really simple, but most people oppose me when I say that about myself, but I love these effortless looks going on! Kudos to the stylist just make everything look so darn easy. I guess it’s all Mark Thomas himself and the design! Designing multiple matching pieces, and pairing them with other articles of clothes from contrast to straight up matchy matchy .. wait is matchy a word? It is now! The Knits The Knits The Knits!

Rashad D. Benton