He Wears Short Shorts!

I can make your body twitch! Who wears Short Shorts? He Does, and I’ll still take your girl! Keep her close, she might try to look up my Chubbies! Chubbies? These Shorts Mister Man! Ladies Love Me, Girls Adore Me, Even When I’m In My Chubbies!

Dig my intro? I just ate that right? Look these take Confidence, and I’m not talking walk up to a girl confidence. I’m talking the type of confidence where you know the girl is going to walk up to you! Yup! I shouldn’t have to introduce you to the Shorts that makes girls do a double take; however I know some of you have been hiding under a rock! Rashad’s here! Third person that was, It’s Summer time, and the Boys are out just in time, and when I say boys I mean these man legs ladies. tumblr_md6qlvuYFX1rdmwwno1_500 Fellas get into the swing of these! Chubbies are the movement, and I know you don’t want to be called a follower, but it’s time to get behind the cause! What Cause you say? The cause of commotion, because that’s what happens when you throw on these bad boys “referring to the shorts” stick with me here!! I know it’s going a little fast.. keep up I’m on the move you know I type 83 words per minute! Thank you “Mavis Beacon“! This shouldn’t take much persuasion when I back something you know it’s worth it or you know didn’t know? My Opinion is pretty much a big deal! Closes Deal just like that.IMG_9305_1024x1024 I have my Chubbies ready & set for Coney Island or Far Rock Away!! One of those beaches is going to get these guns, and knees on the day of Independence! Cause Imma Put It Down & You Gon Fall In Love!! 8e07f72b09771d3573e4a6a7651501f9

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