Marc By Marc Jacobs FW14 Press Preview


Marc By Mar Jacobs FW14 Press Preview
Marc By Mar Jacobs FW14 Press Preview

Rashad and I got the chance to attend the Marc By Marc Jacobs FW14 Press Preview last week (I know late post  forgive us!) and I just want to say WE had a BLAST! If it’s one thing that Marc Jacobs has so effortlessly brought to the fashion industry  with his brand as a whole it is really being able to capture the essence of what it means to be a stylish( specifically a young stylish person) living in New York City. With his new fall collection pulling from various style inspirations to create this amazing mix of chic meets motor cross its no wonder why the crowd attending the press preview all showed up in various eclectic styles making for a night to remember!

Images courtesy of
Images courtesy of

As the press event moved forward what seemed to catch my eye for the rest of the night was how the showroom was so well artistically set up to capture spirit and gist of the collection. From the huge bike/skateboard ramp in the middle of the showroom to the models playing their part in building the illusion of us all being in a Marc by Marc Jacobs world (which may have had a bigger effect than usual because of the staff bring delicious drinks out for everyone LOL).

All in all this was an awesome collection with every piece screaming as a must HAVE! But enough of me talking check out the pictures from the press event below! (OH! and make sure to pay attention to screen shot of Me and Rashads picture being posted of Marc Jacobs Twitter account from the event! How cool is that?!)

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Models from the Marc By Marc FW14 press preview
Models from the Marc By Marc FW14 press preview

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Rashad and I…..




Hey Mom WE made it! =)

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What do you think of Marc By Marc Jacobs FW14 collection?