In Between Traffic

image During Lunch! I Get Bold.. Okay Just A Little Bit. I’m Becoming a New Yorker So I Just Be Walking In Between Traffic, But You Know It’s a Technique To All Of This! You Have To Know How Many Seconds You Have, But You Get You Ribs & Legs Broken! It’s Freezing In The City, But Of Course It Is! It’s December, But I Left My Coat At My Desk! I Needed No Distractions! image copy 2
image copy How Vain Of Me Right? No Sir, That’s Envy You’re Dealing With! I Guess It All Makes Sense Since I Was Dawning In Green! I Should’ve Played The Lottery Yesterday, But Then Again The Two Times I Did Play I Won Nothing Lol! I’m Not Trying To Get Addicted!image copy 3 I’m Getting back into the groove of things for the longest well since I moved up here. I dreaded looking for something to wear! It Feels like it takes so much more longer here, and then I still don’t have all my clothes! So It’s all just one big mess! This Week I’ve Gone Back To My Old Ways! You Know Ironing Before Bed!


4 responses to “In Between Traffic

  1. i must applaud you man. you use to kill it everyday at famu, and every year you got better, and better! Will never forget to mark you made while you were a student

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