MFW17: DIESEL BLACK GOLD Fall 2017 Menswear Collection

img_9802When you think of Diesel, you either think of denim, dark, blue, gas or a gas station. Surely I cannot be alone in picturing that when I close my eyes. Is Diesel synonymous with being hard aka manly, tough? Is that actually the point? If you’ve ever been inside a Diesel store then you understand where I’m coming from. Or perhaps you work somewhere, where Diesel Black Gold clothing is sold. The clothing possesses a sort of heavyweight feel to it. Which is what brings me back to being manly or tough. Clothing that’s made to withstand wear and tear. Or clothing that sometimes looks like wear and tear. Usually you picture biker jeans, jackets, boots, and whatever else fits the stereotype of person with a motorcycle; however this collection came packed with garments one might not expect to see a motorcyclist wearing in traffic. The true inspiration for this collection was Revenge of the Ninja, an 80’s cult classic film. That important piece of information leads you into another realm. It all starts to make sense. What you ask? Well the difference in this collection compared to the collections from previous seasons. In this collection you saw Kimonos that were reworked with what seems to be padding or quilt. A dark blue tunic/jacket hybrid in what I’m assuming is Japanese raw denim since the Japanese also served as inspiration for this collection. Whether you like it or not women are starting to show up in just about every menswear show. What is the point of that? I honestly do not know, but it is a trend that is catching on. Enjoy the collection, just don’t start jumping off walls or thinking you have martial art skills if you truly don’t.