MALECRITIQUE’S 9 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS * DAY 1 | Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano’s ‘Spinner’ Suitcase

mc16xmasday1 Yes it’s that time of year again where MaleCritique presents you with its Christmas countdown. This year I narrowed this list down to just nine special items, and coming in number one this year is perhaps a unfamiliar brand for many that you all need to familiarize yourselves with. Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano, which was founded in 1946 is defined by top-level craftsmanship and a modern vision. Its luxurious cases are made by designers spanning artistic disciplines and locales. If you couldn’t tell by the look of this particular luggage piece it definitely is a luxury piece we all would love to own.img_7813 Perhaps even more perfect for this particular time of the year as well gear up to travel all over the globe. I always pick items I know I would love to own to share with you all as it’s all about taste making for you as well as myself. The Spinner suitcase is a hardy and robust option. Once you unlock the suitcase you find dividers and leather straps to encourage neat and tidy packing, with the outer aluminium shell keeping everything safe, secure, and in great shape on the outside as well as know the people working at the airports could careless about how much our luggage actually cost. Shop this item by clicking on the picture to the right. Thank me Later!