The Doggy Bags That Will Cost You $2500+

Created by the a Genius who goes by the name of Thom Browne. Clearly I’m obsessed with everything this man creates. How can you not be a fan of such creativity? I can’t exactly remember when these dogs hit the scene. Perhaps it was two or three seasons ago, but ever since I saw this dog on the runway I longed for the day when I would own one, and guess what? I’m still without. Go ahead, you can laugh I definitely did. That’s not to say I haven’t come in close contact with this pooch, because I definitely have. We’ve been like best friends for like two weeks. Now one would ask what makes a doggy bag in the literal sense of the word doggy bog worth between $2500-$2930? You know I ask the exact question everyday, but who am I to question what a designer labels their designs? Well I guess I have that right, but I never complain. If I have the money to blow on these dogs I definitely would. Might as well purchase a real dog right? Wrong, I can pretty much take this dog anywhere, and the price will be a one time fee, not a 10-15 years of finance. Ok here’s the real on what’s pricing this pooch. The one above is made up of beaver fur, with gold hardware throughout. This particular doggy bag is actually the most expensive retailing for $2930. His buddies however will cost you a bit less, and when I say a bit I mean a few hundred dollars and even a little more than a bit. I know you’re wondering what is going on here. Yes he’s distressed. This particular pooch is a runway piece from Thom Browne Fall 2016 Menswear Show. If you read my review on that, you’d remember that this dog came in three different stages from new to vintage (in a sense), check back here Thom Browne Fall 2016 Menswear Review if you’re confused and then return. I’m sure you’re also asking some me why would someone pay $2500 plus for a dog who looks as if he’s aged and is about to ruin. Well let’s call it art shall we? I’ve been waiting to see these dogs around the city. I know someone has one, where are these people? Please make yourself known. So if you’re opposed to anything that has to do with fur, and if you’re into new things that look old; perhaps the tri-colored doggy bag, will be your best friend? Let’s be honest here, this isn’t where you come to hear about the norm. You have to admit these dogs are cute, haha “cute”. Personally speaking, I love all of the dogs. Am I basis though? I’m obsessed with the man who created them? Mirrored after the designer’s very own dog Hector. I don’t have a hector, nor do I have the fake version of Hector. Yes that means I’m a lonely soul. Buy one for me?