img_2680Are things changing for Apple? Who’s to tell? Are things changing for BEATS? Yes! Since being acquired by APPLE we’ve seen new color ways, and improved technology. Let’s forget all of the logisitics, Apple has released, and is soon to release three additional headphones. Above you see a different earbud version.img_2677 BeatsX is what they’re called and along with the next generation of two current best-sellers with the introduction of Powerbeats3 Wireless earphones and Beats Solo3 Wireless headphones. As a collection, these new products include the Apple W1 chip, Class 1 Bluetooth, Fast Fuel charge and the Beats’ premium sound experience.
Can I admit something to you really quick. I’ve been a fan of the SOLO Beats, but I’ve strayed away from being them. Why? Well simply because I love ear buds, however I wouldn’t mind having a pair of SOLOS for my traveling days; they also make for a great accessory. img_2674Is that shallow? Sigh! What is my life really? Being completely honest. I’m totally interested in these because they are black, blacked out. I’ve long-awaited for Apple to create this version, and now that it’s arrived I couldn’t be happier. Christmas is on its way, but I’m planning to make this purchase by Thanksgiving. Black Friday please be good to me. Alright I know you’re tired of my rambling so if you don’t own beats already here’s why the new improvements I listed above are why you need them. If you already own beats, you need these colors unless you totally doesn’t consider black, and white to be colors. Eye Roll! We’re not in elementary school anymore. It’s a color, grow up. Sorry I totally just snapped on you there. Lets cut to the chase right? What are these going to cost you, and me? Well here’s the damage. BeatsX will be available this Fall 2016 in black and white for $149.95 At launch, BeatsX will be available in black and white, with additional colors to follow. Powerbeats3 Wireless will be available this Fall 2016 in black, white, siren red, shock yellow and flash blue for $199.95. Beats Solo3 Wireless headphones are available now in gloss black, gloss white, gold, silver, rose gold and black for $299.95, and all of these headphones will be sold at Apple’s retail stores in the US, Apple.com and authorized resellers.

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