Band Of Outsiders Returns

img_5058A once defunct brand by the name of Band of Outsiders has returned. Here I was months ago looking through what was, looking back on the collections the brand had produced. Going through a moment of withdrawal I was thinking to myself how I would never own anything Band of Outsiders besides a tie. Working at GQ, you’d see the clothing, and dream of the day when the collection released so that you could flee to their website or over to their store in SOHO, hoping to grab your favorite piece. That dream was snatched from me, and I felt without. Who else was going to create preppy clothing for me? Ralph Lauren took away Rugby, and Band of Outsiders had taken away Band of Outsiders.img_2473 You have to picture my face at the moment when I saw Band of Outsiders on the Fashion Week Calendar. A part of me was saying, hmmm it’s probably only going to be womenswear, I truly had no hope of any menswear looks surfacing during the runway show. There’s so much more behind the story of Band of Outsiders, things that involve a ton of logistics that one probably wouldn’t think of. In 2015 when it was announced that the label was going bye bye, and that the staff were being laid off the entire Fashion Industry reacted immediately. What was going on? I once heard that they had run out of ideas. There wasn’t much said about what actually went wrong, but on Saturday night, with a new creative team who go by the names of Matthias Weber, and Florian Feder the brand reemerged. Band of Outsiders has been taken over by Belgian shipping tycoon Christian Cigrang’s CLCC conglomerate, and implemented great change at the brand in terms of aesthetic, and pricing. What you should know is that it’s not just Band of Outsiders anymore, but Band of Outsiders Los Angeles. I’m a little hmm confused by the adding of Los Angeles sure the brand is all about California at the moment, but in my opinion that part could’ve been kept. What happens when everything isn’t so LA anymore? It’s pretty amazing to see a brand you love come back, and so quickly; however the brand has went through quite a bit of changes. It’s not exactly what made Band of Outsiders, Band of Outsiders. Now it’s or according to the runway it has made everything a whole more “normal”. Perhaps though, this will only be for this season’s collection, and hopefully the brands original intent will resurface in six more months. Not all is lost in the collection there was very cool letterman jackets for the taking. Remember a few months ago I was on the market for one. Thanks Band!