Here’s Your Chance To Bathe With Tom Ford

Have you ever wondered what the iconic Tom Ford does in the bathroom? Not in an explicit way, but what his hygiene regime is? What does he bath with? You know, what type of products? Does he use a washcloth or a sponge, or does he just use his hands. How does the man, who personifies the perfect gentleman, clean himself in the bathroom? Picture it, Tom Ford showering or bathing with Axe Shower Gel. Is that a thing? Anything is possible right? Sure it is, but my conscience is telling me that Mr. Ford wasn’t in your nearest bath aisle looking for your daily bottle of shower gel from Axe, Bod, and so on. Perhaps you’ve been paying attention or maybe you haven’t, but Tom Ford has really merged into the Beauty Field. The Fashion Icon has done more than turn Gucci around, more than creating his own line. Lets see here you can call him a creative director, designer, director, and more. Today; however lets call him your best friend. The name Tom Ford is synonymous with Luxury, so awhile back when word got out that he was producing beauty products the Fashion Industry rejoiced. Continuing to grow his beauty line, Tom is creating uber lux products for men. From make up, to lip balm, to skincare, and now to bath products. Lets direct your attention to the two bottles above. There you have two different bottles of Tom Ford shower gel. Apparently this isn’t your average $4-6 bottle of shower gel; surely you knew that when you read the name Tom Ford. If your lifestyle doesn’t consist of living luxurious, this here is a point in life when you treat yourself. These Tom Ford shower gels retail for $67 each.

Lets say that in 2016, you’re still not a shower gel type of guy. Perhaps you enjoy a good bar of soap, well Tom has thought of you as well. For a mere $37 you can perhaps an amazing bar of joy. This particular bar of soap is infused with the house’s ‘Neroli Portofino’ fragrance, so if you’re not willing to be three digit numbers on the fragrance, at least you can treat yourself to a bar of soap that represents the fragrance, and if you scrub hard enough, perhaps the soap will act as your cologne for the day. Sometimes you need just to scrub harder, you know exfoliate a bit. On the bottom right you’ll find another Tom Ford solution to your problems if you have any. A lot of people have oily skin, nothing to hide from the world trust me I get it, and I’m here to help you fix it for $48.