It’s Hot, You Need a Polo; Make Sure Its GUCCI

New York is Trippin’!! Yes that was slang. Here it is 1:58am in the morning, and it is 85 degrees outside. Why? How? How does a city that doesn’t require housing to come with air condition produce such temperatures? It’s lethal outside. What am i supposed to wear? Tired of the same ol short sleeve button up shirt savor? Me too! I remember when Polo shirts started getting thrown to the back of the closet, they weren’t popular anymore and just so we’re clear. I’m speaking of the “type of shirt” specifically, and not the Polo Ralph Lauren brand, besides this is about Gucci. Now! Where was I? Ahh yes, the polo shirt had become LAME? Are people still using that word? No? Well let’s bring it back for a moment. The polo in my eyes had died for about four years it seems, but with the recent improvement, and various materials this shirt has made its way back into our lives and into the studios of designers who are making them special. Gucci is recreating the polo in a big way. There’s extravagant embroidering, with yawn you can’t get at your local Michael’s or Joann Fabrics, no this is a serious matter, and on top of the stitching lies more stitching. I can only convince you so much based off word of mouth. Take a look at these shirts, and tell me you’re not interested. You can stay here or you can visit the Gucci website for yourself and you might find yourself broke. There’s a lot more waiting over there than what I showed you. If you find yourself on, when you’re done reading this; thank me later!