Kenneth Ning Spring/Summer 2017 Menswear Collection

IMG_9694Last week, as NYFWM continued on, I found myself at the Kenneth Ning Presentation. There I stood waiting behind white tape, plastered on the ground for the presentation to start. Last season I saw Kenneth’s presentation, and this season I made sure it was my duty to be there again.IMG_9693 It began, the models started strutting out from behind a curtain. The first model in an all black ensemble with a statement overcoat, the second model wearing what seemed to be a deconstructed pull-over with an oversized white button up underneath, with the elongated sleeves pouring out of the arms of the pull-over with shorts to match. Next came a model that really caught my attention. He appeared in a sky-blue number that reminded me of a kitchen-worker from elementary school. I was drawn to this garment, the patterns, and the pockets garnered up more apparent detail, that had me glued. This season Kenneth aimed for military ruggedness and a post-apocalyptic feel for his spring collection. Ironically after looking through all of the photos I had taken, I said to myself “this all looks very militant” not knowing that this collection was inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s “Full Metal Jacket“. This collection also featured a navy wool crepe cargo vest, and shirts that reminded you of that time you ran out of fabric, and only had scraps left. Was this a metaphor for when soldiers are at war in the military. Were they low on supplies, and had to make due “the soldiers are who I’m speaking of”? Was Kenneth telling a story or was he testing your brain?