N-P Elliott Spring/Summer 2017 Presentation

IMG_9526Nicholas Elliott, showed at New York Fashion Week: Men’s for the first time. A collection full of vibrant and contrasting elements. Throughout the collection, and the photos I took you can see the contrast with your own eyes. Garments that wouldn’t normally and/or formally be paired together found themselves in the same setting within Nicholas’s collection. One of the looks that stood out the most is on your far right, shown on the African-American model in the front row on the right. A houndstooth check fabric coat; typically associated with more formal wear, was paired with a pair of drawstring shorts. Textures flowed throughout this presentation, and probably not as cohesive as a perfectionist would suggest, but it worked. I think what one has to understand when examining Fashion labels, is that all of them are not here to cater to the norm. Quite frankly, a lot of brands are created to break society norms. To start conversation, and to break down barriers. Fashion has become carefree, and more people are continuing to break away from the rule books of what goes with what.IMG_8152 Young designers are having fun, and within that is where you find your target audience. During this presentation I think I noticed something, that a lot of other people didn’t or just decided not to talk about. All of the models wore shoes by KSWISS! Yes you read that correctly. Is KSWISS on its way back? I must visit their website after this to see what I’ve been missing. Take a look, I was thoroughly impressed with the representation of KSWISS. Not in a million years, would I have expected to see said brand at Fashion Week. Am I attracted to them again, because a designer showed the during fashion week? Moving on! If you happen to view each, and every look from this collection individually you’ll recognize the contrast I spoke of earlier. You can really start to dissect the looks when viewed one by one. You’ll find a v-neck pull over with the word HOLY stitched across its chest. You’ll also find Velvet, and Suede paired with Nylon pieces. Are American designers becoming more carefree? Will they soon experience the freedom of Designers from the UK? Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 12.46.04 AM