Agentry PR presents NYMD “New York Men’s Day” Part I, Featuring David Naman, Woodhouse, Max ‘N Chester, & David Hart

IMG_9520Every season on the first day, all seems to belong to Agentry PR, and their NYMD Presentations that take place at Industria Studios. Having brands that they represent showcasing their collections to press, buyers, editors, and more all at once for an hour, and a half. This happens twice with the first batch being front, and center from 10:30am until 12pm, and the next group from 4:30pm until 6pm. David Naman, Woodhouse, Plac, Max ‘N Chester, David Hart, and Maiden Noir were all up first. All represented by one agency; while all competing with one another. Of course some collections stood out more than others, which is bound to happen. Sometimes it’s the presentation, sometimes it’s the clothing, and sometimes it’s both. How do you decide what’s your favorite when you’re being fed 5 collections at once in a walk through that may take you 15 or 20 minutes? IMG_9522How many photos do you take just to make sure you get the best shot from your favorite presentations of your favorite models in your favorite Spring/Summer 2017 menswear looks? I’m not really sure how to solve that equation the correct way, but I will however fill you in on what I loved the most. Photo’d above to your right was my favorite look from the David Naman SS17 Presentation. I was drawn to the execution of I just got up, threw this on, and walked out the door. Only if it were that simple in real life. This reminded me of my years in college; more specifically of how my roommates who attended FSU dressed. Not a care in the world, and you knew that by how often they wore flip-flops to class. To your left you’ll find a sea of patterns which were provided by Woodhouse; this brand brought so much flavor to NYFW Men’s. From its color-blocking, to the abstract shapes in the clothing to the diversity of the models, which was at an all time high, if I must say this season. Woodhouse delivered a punch, and it was packed with color “no pun intended”. IMG_9525I actually appreciate when brands put an emphasis on color for their Spring/Summer collections. Keep the dark colors away. One of favorites from last season was Max ‘N Chester, and this season I really loved their collection; I say this in best way possible, their SS17 collection reminded me of a clean laundry, and fresh living on a get away Island. Pressed linens with room to spare. It all just looked so breezy, and comfortable. It was at that moment that I realized I was extremely jealous of the models. New York City has been blazing for about three weeks now, and like I said; this collection showcased clothing that was made especially for the weather we’re experiencing right now. It offered me a visual of myself being in Jamaica or Fiji with clear water, and white sand taking a stroll on the shore. I’m usually opposed to clothing that hasn’t been ironed, but these looks offered such a carefree vibe that I fell for them.IMG_9524 David Hart, one of GQ’s Gems always keeps it funky. I remember the time when I had to venture into Brooklyn to his studio to pick up some items for said magazine, and I met David himself that day. I’m sure he wouldn’t remember. I was hot, and annoyed with the distance I traveled, but he; himself was one of the nicest guys I had ever met. A very nice studio if I must say so myself. Returning back to the topic at hand. He plays around with colors year round, and he does it in such a retro way, a little bit like Paul Smith. David a designer who doesn’t seem to take himself too serious as you can see in his clothing, he just wants to have fun, and this suit to the left was made for a guy with confidence, and a guy who likes clothing; not a guy who would sit it and make fun of something they can’t comprehend. Shots fired? Stay tuned for Part II as I have to separate the morning from the evening. I’ve given you a chance to focus. See more from the collections I highlighted below!