A Designer You Need to Know; Andrea Pompilio

IMG_7060Andrea was born in Pesaro in 1973; lucky enough to have been raised in a creative environment, with his father being an architect, and his mother a painter, who hailed from a family already involved in the clothing industry. Owing his fascination for style, more importantly menswear to his two grandfathers: one who was a refined gentleman, apparently the most elegant in town, the other an austere army officer.IMG_7338
He graduated with a degree in fashion design from Pesaro’s Art Institute, soon after he moved to Milan to study at Istituto Marangoni, where he received his master’s in Fashion design. He’s collaborated with world-leading brands such as Prada, Calvin Klein and Yves Saint Laurent. Ready for his world debut, he launched his first namesake menswear collection for AW 2010. He also participated in at Pitti Immagine Uomo and went on to win “Who’s on Next” in 2011. I must admit, I didn’t come across Mr.Pompilio until his Spring 2015 menswear collection. I instantly fell in love with this brand, and I actually love that a lot; it feels to good to come across a designer who isn’t exactly know to the masses. I caught him early in his career as well. Proud to say I wasn’t 10 years late. From the moment I witnessed his collection on then what was, Style.com now; VOGUE Runway, I’ve kept up with this man. I must admit I haven’t quite grown this attached to a designer who wasn’t attached to a high-profile fashion house, so this probably means more to myself than it would to Andrea. Want more! Just type his name into google, and feed your appetite.

One response to “A Designer You Need to Know; Andrea Pompilio

  1. he’s a daddy. all that scruff. I love it, and I like those looks you picked at the bottom too

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