Four Denim Jackets We All Need

I must admit I always felt like I just never could get it right when it came to wearing a denim jacket. I remember the days when I wanted a denim on denim look, but I never could find two denim pieces that matched. This was pre-NYC, before I could walk into stores such as Rag & Bone and A.P.C.; of course Levi’s was around, but I never had interest in Levi’s until now. Everything is all coming together Fashion wise. True enough, I never needed denim jeans to match the jacket I could’ve worn the jacket with chinos or some other type of pant, but I didn’t want to. I wanted my denim on denim look. Denim has always been a thing, but if you’ve been paying attention as I have, Denim has taken on a life on its own. Okay, well it’s always been in its own lane; however things are different now. Denim is a lifestyle. I know this one guy named Fred Woodward who is literally the king of denim, at least the only person I’ve ever met. Crossing my fingers that I will be that cool when I’m older. I feel like life has changed a lot I remember when you could wear a denim jacket year round and not die, but it seems as if the earth has heated up too much for that or maybe I was just immune to what hot weather actually was, since I grew up in Florida. Oh well, Summer just officially arrived so Fall is next, and perhaps you could buy one of these four jackets now, and tuck it away until the breeze returns.