A Luxury Knitwear Line by Joseph Mazzilli & Menswear influencer Steven Onoja

Athletic Luxury? When was there ever such a thing? Can’t recall? Neither can I, until now that is! Earlier this year I attended the launch of Joseph Mazzilli debut Fall 16 collection which was styled by Menswear influencer Steven Onoja. Situated in this lovely hotel room on the upper east side of Manhattan, the clothing seemed to be made for the man who doesn’t take Fashion too seriously i.e “trends”, but for the man who knows quality clothing and will pay the price for it. I see this collection being for the off-duty Wall Street guy. The perfect analogy would be “The Row for Men” we all know The Row, an extremely high-priced and luxury brand created by Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen. Known for their logo-less clothing if that is even a word. This is what I see for this brand. High-quality material without all the branding. Created for a tailored look and fit, once again for the off-duty wall-street guy. A few moments ago I mentioned Athletic Luxury. Has this always been a thing? No, I don’t think so; however this is a lane that many aren’t tapping into. Perhaps I want to wear a nice pair of joggers, or sweats. Maybe today is a hoodie type of day, but I don’t want to look like I just walked out of Sports Authority or the nearest Footlocker. Here’s where Joseph’s brands comes into play. Just because you want to get your workout on, doesn’t mean you exactly want to look like it. You can leave that to the sneakers. The difference between this brand, and let’s say a brand like Under Armour is the word “Luxury”, we’re not using spandex or polyester. This is all about the finest knits, and wool you can find. I’m not sure Calvin Klein even puts this much effort into his tank-tops. Featured up above were a few of my favorite items from the night. Elbow patches when done correctly are always a win for me. Click below to see the collection on figure.