What to Get Your Mother For Mother’s Day on Mother’s Day! “You’re LATE”

IMG_5557Great you did it! You’ve managed to wait until Mother’s Day to scurry around with your head cut off looking for a gift for your mother before you finally see her. What are you going to do? Get an edible arrangement? A card? Okay a card may not be bad, but a card alone is hmmm, pretty much a let down. So what do you do? Where do you go? Here I am to save the day slightly. I couldn’t decide between which perfume to select exactly so here’s your pick of four different scents. One represented by one brand, and the other three representing another brand. Pretty right? So is your mother more corporate like Hugo Boss or sporty like Lacoste? How do you decided? I always say get samples before you buy a fragrance it really helps to wear it out or get a few opinions. Lucky enough for me I have a good nose so I usually pick great fragrances. It’s a gift that everyone doesn’t have. Totally not bragging here. Okay “Chad” take a look. Take my word, and run over to your local Sephora and pick one of these up before your hurt your mothers feelings or your mothers mothers feelings! Thank me Later!IMG_5559

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