Battle April Showers with Stutterheim Raincoats

Who hates April showers? Raises hand “I Do“. I’ve always hated this part of spring specifically for the constant rain. It really puts a bumper in my day, and clothing. Like why can’t it just rain all night long rather than throughout the day? Perhaps I sound like a complainer, but I loathe the rain if I’m not inside the house. It ruins plans, it’s makes the day move slower, and it sort of brings your spirit down. I should be thankful that I’m not from Seattle, talk about suicide. Has my battle with the rain been that I’m always unprepared even when I’m prepared? Meaning that even if you in this case “I” have the umbrella, raincoat and rain boots. Does the temperature match all of that clothing? Who wants to throw on a raincoat and rain boots in 85 degree weather? Coming from Florida I know all about the combination of rain, heat, and humidity.IMG_3397One word; YUCK! I swear I’m not being dramatic the rain just flat-out sucks if you’re a human being unless of course you live in the Amazon or some other jungle. If that’s the life you live then you are probably 1000 times more adapted to extreme mixtures. Ever since “Twilight” and the sequels of that franchise came out; I’ve been totally keen on discovering the coolest rain coats. Upon that quick, but extensive research, I came across a brand by the name of Stutterheim. A brand from Stockholm, Sweden. I envision the weather there being comparable to the weather in Seattle. Stutterheim redefines what it means to be a raincoat. Levels above your mediocre raincoat from your local Walmart. These coats are extremely well made, I know because I wore one before. Disclaimer; I almost died in it though. It was one of the hot rainy days and the yellow raincoat I had on although it kept me extremely dry, also kept me extremely warm at the same time. It was summer time in New York, in the month of June to be exact. I ended up taking it off once I stepped foot inside of the train station. With that being said I suggest you make sure the temperature is below 50 when wearing one of these coats, then again I’ve only worn one of them perhaps the version was made up of heavier matter. I’ve gather a few of my favorite raincoats from Stutterheim’s 2016 lookbook! Enjoy & shop Stutterheim here.

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