Herschel Supply Spring 2016 Studio Collection

Challenging the boundaries of conventional design, Herschel Supply’s progressive Spring 2016 STUDIO COLLECTION is composed of polycoat fabric and industrial grade tarpaulin product segments, finished with sealed zippers, premium tanned leather and screen printed accents.

I’m a bit of a minimalist with a lot of “inserts vulgar word” Stuff. Is that an oxymoron? Moving on! Upon reviewing Herschel’s Spring 2016 Collection, I found myself intrigued by the white bags. Intrigued is actually an understatement. I’m more so in love, which means I need two of these items for myself. You know Herschel, those bags that almost every New Yorker owns one of. How can you not honestly? Herschel makes so many different bags for different reasons/occasions. From Duffle to pouch, there’s a bag in between for everyone, and they comes in thousands, and thousands of prints. Which is what makes this collection particularly special. The bags are almost unidentifiable. Which in this case is a good thing. Why? Well sometimes you like a bag to speak for itself, and not the name. It’s almost a play on. Is this bag amazing because of how it looks or is it amazing because of the brand.

Listen, I was just staring at the bag above for like 30 seconds. Here I am, ready to carry this bag day in and day out. I must warn myself though. This bag has to be treated with extreme care, and that’s anything white honestly. One scuff mark or one wrong idiot on the MTA with a coffee, and things could get ugly. Peep below for the rest of my selects from this collection. Visit http://www.herschelsupply.com to shop. Type in Studio Collection in the search bar for a faster search, and thank me later!