PFW16: Raf Simons Fall 2016 Menswear Collection

IMG_8033Imagine seeing something you can’t believe. Imagine seeing something you can’t fathom. Imagine seeing something you want, and now imagine seeing something you can’t have. Now imagine me, and the viewing of Raf Simons Fall 2016 menswear collection. Raf; the man who left Dior after only 3 and a half years to return to his own label, has returned with a point to prove. To prove that with all the extra “free” time that he now has, he can make your mouth water. Maybe that’s an exaggeration, perhaps it’s not? Viewing the collection you immediately saw gigantic sweaters swallowing models whole. The beginning looks reminded me of “Alice in Wonderland” when she shrunk herself to go through the tiny door. I regret discarding of all of my stretched out sweaters now; could’ve been in designer by the next morning. What was Raf doing though? What drove him to create such mammoth clothing? IMG_5452This entire menswear season, you’ve heard me mention how obsessed I am with the “invisible hand” aka sweaters and shirts that are so big they overlap your hands, blinding a spectators vision; this trending illusion flashes every time I close my eyes for more than ten seconds. As the pages began to turn, the water in my eyes began to appear. In my apartment in a corner so dark that with the lights off one would disappear into the black wall that lives in my room, I sat mesmerized by the genius that was flowing through this collection. Let’s start shall we? Look 2 appeared, and I nearly fainted. Were my deepest darkest dreams coming true? A tangerine colored, triple oversized cardigan appeared. Literally spat out of a Tim Burton film onto a runway in which a model must walk. We’re a paragraph and a half into this review and I’m just now getting to look 3. What does that say? Am I going nuts or am I trying to process the level of insanity that Raf presented. Am I more attracted to the sweater in look 3, because it isn’t distressed or am I more attracted to the sweater in look 1 since it is? There I was at a quandary. Look 4 came with an overcoat, with shortened sleeves. What was ironic to me about this look was the fact that Nick Wooster was spotted in Paris, with a coat of a similar design from his Wooster x Lardini collection. IMG_6104Is this the case of great minds thinking a like? Whatever the notion may be I need a one of these in my closet or at least a replica. Can this be pulled off in below freezing weather without the sweater underneath or is the sole point of this concoction to wear a sweater with it? Ponders! The remainder of Raf’s collection was pretty much centered around the oversized sweaters, with oversizing being the main statement. Upon landing on look 17, a reference came to mind. I thought Boy Scout? Gazing into the sky or at least the ceiling in my bedroom I closed my eyes to put my imagination to use once again, and I saw it. Definitely a Boy Scout or at least a messenger as they called them in the 50’s before Boy Scouts existed. Was I onto something or was it just my imagination. The collection also featured a couple of suits which, sorry to say it were the least exciting part about this entire collection, jumbo puffer jackets also made an appearance as they reminded me of Missy Elliot’s famed garbage bag from her “can’t stand the rain” video. Jump over to look 28. Earlier I questioned if I could wear this short sleeve overcoat without a sweater, and although there seems to be a sweater underneath; the sweater sleeves aren’t visible as they’re pushed up. Question answered; answer is yes. The show closed out and there Rashad “speaking in third person” sat; wondering just how long and just much yarn one would need to reproduced my own version before fall arrives?