PFW16: Valentino Fall 2016 Menswear Collection

IMG_8005As the collection started out, I thought to myself “what is going on” why is this so … Hmm what’s the word? “Commercial” you or perhaps I expect so much more from Valentino? There I was jumping ahead of myself, not giving the entire collection a fair chance based off of the first few looks. My mistakes, because the collection grew, and it started to unfold into everything I wanted. Here I was awaiting a “moment“, and it hit me hard once the 14th model arrived. Yes! Yes, there were worthy looks before the 14th, but the 14th evoked an emotion out of me that the rest just didn’t. A brick colored plastic coat arrived and my prayers were answered. IMG_8052I lifted my finger, I couldn’t scroll anymore until I fully examined the look. What lied beneath was a crisp cloudy colored button up, a marvelous charcoal double-breasted blazer, perfectly tailored black pants, and shoe so well made that I almost drooled. Passionate huh?! Moving on, there I was trapped in my tracks; I had to slow down on the scroll button. Directly after, was look 15, and then look 16 pretty much made my day. I couldn’t have asked for a better line up of looks. You have to, have to; zoom in for the detailing on these looks or you might miss them. Slow down, and appreciate the clothing “I said to myself“. As simple as look 15 was there’s something so refreshing about the little things. From the studded collared shirt, to this marvelous white, and plaid overcoat. You don’t take that off. Nope! I paused for a moment, had to turn on some music to completely gather myself once I laid eyes on look 16. At this very moment I realized I didn’t need to see anything else from Valentino. What else could be said, what else could they present to me. I needed no more validation, this was IT. Zoom on full blast as I scanned this look approximately 16 times. Indeed, I found myself obsessed with this material possession, but that’s quite alright.IMG_8054 It takes a certain craftsmanship to create such a piece. Menswear is becoming very delicate, and I appreciate the thought from designers, and design teams; that menswear can be more than just blatantly boring clothing. This is what the basis of my existence thrives on. Exquisite taste. I always find myself engulfed in menswear books from different eras, particularly the Victorian era when menswear rivaled women’s with no question. When a man had no choice, but to pull out his best garments. The beading on this had to be handmade which meant this piece and others like it, took weeks to craft together. Continuing on, I found myself fixated on look 29; there was a jacket there that made my eyes grow two times larger. It looked as if it was dipped in freshly poured shiny jet black paint. I thought I was wearing something different to work tomorrow, but no I definitely have to recreate this look, except my look will be made of velvet. Come on, we all need a little inspiration. Tan and black moments are amongst my favorites. As the collection progressed it switched stories. Things turned Native American very quickly, from the tribal prints, to the neck scarves, and pull over full body ponchos, it all reminded me of an Indian folk story. I mean it completely shifted on me. Look 52 included embroider feathers laced with what seems to be arrows on the sleeves of the arms. Pondering on what, this exactly meant to Valentino. I’m at a stand still, I’m still having thoughts about look 16. Sue me!