MFW16: Fendi Fall 2016 Menswear Collection

IMG_7908Upon eye sight I felt like I was looking at either Big foot or the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street, but no it was Fendi’s Fall 2016 menswear collection. It was 7:03am, when I started reviewing this collection as mentioned above I related it back to perhaps one fictional character and a Puppet. It was a big ball of fur if you think of it. Fendi produced quite a causal collection, and not casual in the terms of “Casual Friday’s” at work, but casual in the terms of I’m lounging around the house today.IMG_2610 There I was lost for a minute or two, trying to understand what exactly was going on here. This is a ready to wear collection, but where besides bed would you be ready to wear this to? I moved on, things were starting to get too complex for me and I had to get out of detective mood and just see the collection for what it was, which is “ART“. Perhaps there was no deep meaning, perhaps the collection was mainly to be admired. A quick scroll through the lookbook, and you can only imagine how amazing the clothing must feel. Sure, they were a few practical looks to be worn such as look 12. IMG_1058 A perfectly normal look with a perfect fur coat. You still on that “you shouldn’t do that to animals grind” then stop here because this isn’t the collection you want to view. Last season, Fendi elevated the accessory department with their Monster themed accessories. He “the monster” was everywhere from people’s backpacks, shoes, key chains, totes, and so on. The impact was enormous. Fendi moved on this season, not continuing the monster theme, they contained themselves a bit, more reserved accessories appeared in the wackiest of all places. A cute theme, but was it enough? The little head that appears out of some of the pockets made me chuckle, once again cute, such a nice add-on wouldn’t you agree? Don’t be prude now! Look 23, “that’s a look” made iPhones and Cameras shutters flutter a hundred at a time. A combination enough to wake up you deep soul, and bring sunshine to your life. The collection bought out the inner intellectual in you, explain this collection without degrading its Art. Do it! Tell me you need a fur shoe, tell me you need a giant yellow fur tote. Convince me you understand Fashion, convince me you understand it’s an art, and not always meant to be understood by the average consumer. Thank you Fendi, for this marvelous introduction. Fendi 101