MFW16: Corneliani Fall 2016 Menswear Show

IMG_7649There was one color palette from Corneliani’s show that I had to discuss. Well it was the only color palette, and it consisted of beautiful earth tones. It’s something about green & brown that just mesh well together. Perhaps that’s the doing of Mother Nature? We can relate this back to earth, with all the jungles, and forest that exist, but this isn’t science class so I won’t go that far. What one must pay attention to was the ol school tailoring that made an appearance. Broad shoulders are making a come back, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen this look this season, and I’m actually quite okay with it. High waisted pants are breaking into the menswear arena again, we haven’t seen that since the 70’s; however I’m sure we all know the 70’s are trending right now. Designers are clearing having double dosages of nostalgia these days all the references to the past, which little to the future. Forgetting modernizing, let’s bring back what everyone’s been missing whether they got to experience it or not. Which would be the case of this young 20-something aka myself. A collection that doesn’t need a million written words, but one worth a million. There’s something quite careless about this collection, but on purpose obviously with such a pedigree in tailoring no mistakes were made; only created.

One response to “MFW16: Corneliani Fall 2016 Menswear Show

  1. the coloring is great or perhaps your editing skills are great. I’m not so moved by this collection as I was with Dolce, but I will admit the looks are nice, wondering if they’d have any real appearance off of the runway.

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