MFW16: Roberto Cavalli Fall 2016 Menswear Collection

IMG_7624A morning awaken to the story of Cavalli, but not “Just Cavalli“; rather Roberto Cavalli. Here’s the story of his Fall 2016 menswear collection. As I sat, clicking through his line up of looks via the Internet; I found myself indulging in a hot cup of Jean Paul Gaultier tea. Last season, which was Peter Dunda’s first as designer for Roberto Cavalli, didn’t quite ring the bells I’m sure he was expecting. He received what one or a thousand people would deem as an F in the fashion world, when Vogue called his collection “Cheap looking“. Ouch! How does one bounce back from such a punch in the face? IMG_7919Here’s how, instead of changing things around too quickly, you stick with what you know, and what your brand is known for and you intensify it. Which is what he did for his second time around. What’s that you say? Another collection inspired by Gucci’s last? I thought the same, but then I remember this was Roberto Cavalli’s lane before Gucci crossed over. Roberto Cavalli is synonymous with Flamboyant. Need proof? Refer back to their Spring 2016 Menswear collection, and then even further back to his Fall 2007 Menswear collection, further once more to his Spring 2005 menswear collection. More often than not, it takes more than one example or one piece of evidence to further solidify the truth. Not to say, that this is a bad thing we all need an alternative to Versace when walking down Collins avenue in Miami. As the collection started to unfold I was immediately taken by Look 2, this long-haired model, dressed in a snake-skin jacket with a lightweight scarf carefully carelessly placed around his neck. I thought to myself “hmmm that’s a look“, not for the average guy of course; then again does the average guy keep up with runway? Moving on, as I continued I started to picture Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, and Napoleon Dynamite all in one clear image in my head.